Museum Cottage

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Off Limits: Museum Cottage is strictly off limits at all times.

Museum Cottage from the north-west 1943

The cottage, built by John Bond, was originally home to the head gardener. After Gardener’s Cottage was built, it was home to the coachman.

Coachman Frederick Knight (1871-1946) and his family lived in the cottage from c. 1905 until c.1917 after which they moved to Povington.

Museum Cottage pictured from the south-west 1943

“The house stood vacant for a while and my father allowed us to arrange our natural history collections in the empty rooms. From this the house acquired its name of Museum Cottage.”

Lilian Bond

When Tyneham House was occupied in 1941 by the W.A.A.F., Museum Cottage became home to Ralph and Evelyn Bond until the evacuation in December 1943.

Ruins of Museum Cottage courtesy of Google 3D

Museum Cottage lay on the southern side of ‘The Avenue’ which lead from Tyneham Farm to Tyneham House. It was some way from the rest of the village.

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